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Cold Weather Information

Winter is Here...

We'd like to remind everyone that the school building/grounds do not open until 8:20am. Because proper supervision cannot be provided earlier, we cannot let students into the building or on the playground before this time. Unfortunately, if students arrive before 8:20am, this leaves them waiting outdoors in the cold weather. Thus, please do not drop students off before 8:20am. in addition, please ensure that your student(s) is dressing appropriately for the weather.


Emergency School Closing Information

In cases of bad weather and other local emergencies, please watch/listen to WJOL (1340am), Social Media (Facebook | Twitter), website, Blackboard Connect messages or television stations to be advised of school closings or early dismissals. School closings for any reason will be announced as soon as possible once the decision is made. If bad weather or other emergency occurs during the day, please listen to local media stations for possible early dismissal information.

For your child’s safety, make certain your child knows ahead of time where to go in case of an early dismissal. If we dismiss early for an emergency, all after-school functions are automatically canceled.