Student Technology



1:1 Device Model

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Dell Chromebook 3100

4th Grade - 8th Grade

Dell Chromebook 3110


Kindergarten Classroom Carts

Apple iPad (9th Generation)

1st Grade Classroom Carts

Apple iPad (9th Generation)

2nd Grade Classroom Carts

Apple iPad (9th Generation)

Innovation Lab Carts

Apple iPad (7th Generation)

Promethean ActivTable

ActivTable Activity Builder (Works only in Google Chrome)- Free web-based application to create activities to be used on the ActivTable.


ActivTable Activity Builder - Quick Start Guide
ActivTable - Quick Start Guide
ActivTable Activities

Promethean ActivWall 135"

ClassFlow: Website | MarketPlace | Community

ClassFlow allows you to create and deliver interactive lessons, student rewards, assignments, & real-time assessments.


ClassFlow Support - Includes free ClassFlow webinars, help library, and support forum.

  • Help Library - Create, Deliver, Collaborate, Rewards, Reports, Manage, Marketplace, etc.


ActivInspire Download Link - Info Page

Dremel 3D40 3D Printer:


Dremel 3D40 Quickstart Guide

Tinkercad - 3D design and printing app

3D Printer Resources:

Google Cardboard

We have available 15 Google Cardboards (with Samsung S6 Edge Devices) to use.

Google Expedtions - Take virtual feild trips with your class.

Here is an updated list of available expeditions:

CoSpaces - Create your own VR experience | Sign up is Free

For Education - Some ideas include storytelling, virtual exhibitions, modelling, infographics, etc.